How to Measure Your Pup

One of the most frustrating things about owning large and giant breed dogs isn't finding the right gear for your pooch, it's finding the right SIZE of the right gear for your pooch.

Oftentimes, manufacturers don't carry sizes that are big enough to fit our giant floofs. Frustratingly enough, if they do, sizing varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, meaning that an 'XL' from one manufacturer fits like a 'Medium" from another...There's no standardization! THEN, on top of that, there's no cookie cutter way to determine what size is best for your pup based on their weight or breed. Each one of our pups is unique and different (but we already knew this). That's why it's important that we measure our dogs to make sure that products meet their sizing and comfort requirements!

Measuring your dog probably isn't regularly incorporated into your "very particular set of skills," so we decided to create this guide to help you out as much as we can! Remember...Measure twice, order once! We've got a pretty solid exchange/return policy, but let's try not to use it 🙃