Custom Rectangle Bed Warranty

Every custom rectangle bed product that indicates a warranty and redirects to this page includes a 1-year limited warranty, which covers any defect in craftsmanship. While we do not offer refunds or exchanges (these beds are handmade to order), we will repair or replace any item(s) found to be defective and covered by this warranty which begins the date the product has shipped. Each customer is limited to one (1) warranty replacement per purchase.

Fabrics are not warranted against fading or shrinkage. Please follow the care instructions that are listed on our website. Always use cold water, hang dry, and do not put your cover in the dryer. Visible abuse such as digging, chewing, or staining will void this warranty. Commercial use will also void this warranty.

Waterproof insert covers are covered by this warranty. However, standard muslin insert covers are not covered by this warranty, as they are protected by the main cover and can only be damaged by washing or abuse. If you believe your pet may have an accident on their bed resulting in the need to wash the inserts, we highly recommend you purchase an optional waterproof insert cover, which is placed over the standard muslin covers and can be easily removed and washed.

If an issue arises please provide us with a picture and description for review. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.